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Sliding Screen Doors

We custom fabricate and make several types of Sliding Screen and Patio Doors, Our extruded aluminum doors are measured and made to fit perfectly within your door openings. Solid corners; adjustable steel ball bearing wheels with spring loaded adjustments allow each door to glide smoothly on the majority of screen tracts made by outside manufacturers. 

All our doors come with oven baked enamels or electrostatically painted finishes for easy cleaning and wear and tear longevity. For heavy traffic, wear and tear are doors are made to last. Unlike hardware store doors, our doors do not have wheels, plastic handles, or other parts that wear out within a couple years. Locks lock tightly to the apposing latches providing more security and peace of mind when your not in the room. We have been making these doors for over 27 years and we gaurentee the moving parts of these doors 100%.

For owners who have pets we also carry Cat Doors and Dog Doors. No longer is there a need to get up to let your furry friends in and out during the day or evenings when you are trying to relax. 

For property managers who need a quick fix we also carry roll form sliding screen doors.

We also carry specialty sizes for taller doors over 81 inches.


  • Satin Silver
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Desert Sand/Almond
  • champagne

Fabrics to choose from:

  • fiberglass screening
  • wire brite or charcoal wire
  • solar screen or shade screen
  • privacy screen
  • pet screen